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Definitely has the most realistic feedback to the back hand

Introducing one of the world champion Jayson Shaw’s game kits – real precious pool cues – The Peri Infinity series. The rarest exotic ebony and Cocobolo wood are used as the main materials that create these supreme “weapons”. Just like the name “infinity”, these cues will endow you with infinite power and achievements. 

Every Infinity cue paired with the highest level shaft in Peri P20 shafts – P20-K. The P20-K shaft is made of AA-level maple from North America’s alpine and cold regions. After being kept for over 5 years in the Peri International storage, the maple will go through 7 times polishing processes. After each process, the maple must be naturally dehydrated in constant temperature and humidity. The complex and strict production results in the P20-K shaft with exceptional performance.

Definitely has the most realistic feedback to the back hand

I started to play pool with Predator then shifted to Mezz and finally I choose Peri (I have not tried any other brands yet so let’s just talk about these three brands). From a $600 cue to over an over-thousand-dollar cue, then to cues worth a couple of thousand dollars, I just kept ‘upgrading’ my equipment. For an extended period, I was crazy about carbon fibre shafts. After seeing a carbon fibre shaft, I gave up my Predator 8K-1 to the P3 Limited Edition then to the 25th Anniversary limited edition. I kept playing with carbon fibre shafts until, occasionally, I tried my old Mezz Alpha Hybrid shaft on.

Carbon fibre shafts are definitely low-deflection. I have played with Predator Revo (with 12.4mm soft Victory tips) and Mezz Ignite (with 12.2mm soft Kamui black tips) and tried to make a comparison between them. Interestingly, I felt more confident when playing with one of them than the other, but I could not figure out why I felt comfortable until I finally tried the Alpha Hybrid wood shaft. Then I understood that was the feedback to my backhand. Of course, one of them might have a lower deflection, but playing with the other made me feel more real from the hit. The wood shaft enlarges this kind of feeling. It was a critical point for me to find out the difference.

There has been a long time that people pursue low-deflection performance. I used to be fascinated with low deflection because of the advertisement but ignored other factors. This also made me unable to find a right way to play with carbon fibre shafts. Afterwards, I found cue feedback is more important for me to pick a cue. Obviously, wood shafts make me feel more real and much better, also made me used back to wood shafts. I think it is also why many pool players choose wooden shafts again after playing with carbon fibre shafts.

The first time I have a chance to try on a Peri cue made me fall in love with it. It was the Peri Infinity II PX2-02 with a P20-K shaft , and it has been my favourite playing cue. If compared to carbon fibre shafts, of course, I can gain more feedback from every hit and feel the cue is with me.

Amazingly low-deflection wood shaft providing solid hits

Today’s players are always talking about the deflection. I have played with carbon fibre shafts long-term, and I already had a specific standard for ‘low-deflection’. Deflection is also what I was worried about before I shifted to wood shafts. However, when I picked up the P20 shaft, I found it is definitely with a low deflection, which also guarantees the hit can go through the cue and reach my backhand (Note*: In term of the deflection, I will upload a video soon to give a review).

It is hard to explain how ‘solid’ that you can feel from a hit. In my opinion, if good cue feedback makes you feel comfortable with every attempt, then a ‘solid hit’ makes you feel confident with every shot. I call a power that I cannot feel and control a ‘pure power’, while a ‘solid power’ is a power that endows a shot with penetration and easy control. I can feel the ‘solid power’ from the Peri P20 shaft, and this is also why I get used to it quickly when shifted from carbon fibre shaft to wood. The radial pin joint makes the shaft and the butt fit closely so that the power transmits consistently. On the other hand, the same as many players, I feel more confident with this wood shaft than carbon fibre shafts.

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